Commercial Loan

How it works

These loans are basically secured long term loans. These loans are used to finance significant capital expenditures or make up for operational costs that might be too expensive for the business to shell out money for. The funds can be diverted towards recruitment of employees, business expansion, purchase of an existing business, etc. Usually this type of financing has fixed rate of interest i.e. the interest does not change throughout the term of the loan. This feature does help out the borrowers on setting aside a specific amount of money for repayment of the loan so that they can plan out their other business expenditures.



  • Lower interest rates.
  • Interest paid is tax deductible.
  • You will have full discretion on where to put the funds to use.
  • Large amount of money can be borrowed at once.


  • Collateral needs to be given against the loan.
  • Detailed documentation
  • Longer processing time.
  • Chances of getting lesser amount of loan approved against what you have asked for.

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