Loan Guide

Type of Loan:

We offer a host of loan options to choose from. It is important to determine at the onset, what type of funding do you require.

Interest rate type:

You have an option to choose from Fixed and Variable interest rates. Fixed rate of interest remains constant throughout the loan term, giving you an idea on amount of repayments that need to be provisioned for across the tenure. Variable rate of interest varies as per changes made in the prime rate or the “index”. The rates can either increase or decrease owing to changes in economic scenario in the country. Make an informed decision to ascertain the rate of interest that you would want to opt for.

Loan Term:

It is very important to ascertain the tenure for which the loan is sought. Longer loan term tends to be expensive compared to shorter loan terms.

Interest rate comparison:

There are various tools available which facilitate interest rate comparison across all lenders. Make the best use of it to get you the most competitive deal.

Fees and charges:

Weigh out options with lower fees and no additional charges. Lower interest rates do not necessarily guarantee less expensive loans. Additional fees and charges could very well surpass the interest rate cost.

Flexible repayment options:

Look for lenders facilitating flexible repayment options.

Calculator and tools:

Use Emi calculator to know the combination of loan amount, rate of interest and tenure to arrive at the affordable repayment amount.

Application Lodgement:

Make an application with the appropriate lender.